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Player Achievements

The accomplishments below start with the 2004-2005 season since that is what I have data for. If you have complete data that dates back further or if you spot an omission, please contact Coach McQueary and we will update our records.

NKBBCA Division I All-Stars

Chris Bray-1

Trevan Brown-1

Andy Earls-2

Joel Fox-1

Mike Gabbard-2

Ethan Haynes-1

Todd Krohman-1

David McFarland-2

Steven McFarland-2

Zane McQueary-2

Cole Shumate-1

Brenden Stanley-3

Chase Stanley-1

Junior Stockwell-1

1,000 Point Club


Chris Bray                                    Andy Earls                                         David McFarland                            Cole Shumate

Steven McFarland                     Zane McQueary                                Brenden Stanley

NKBBCA Defensive POY

David McFarland                       Junior Stockwell                             Michael Story

NKBBCA Scholar Award

Andrew Brown                           Zane McQueary

Greater Cincinnati Basketball Hall of Fame NKY Player of the Year

Zane McQueary

KY-OH All Star Game

Ethan Haynes

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